About Our Parish

This Is Our Blessed Story

It would be nice to state that the formation of our Parish and the construction of the Church which is now known as Saint George Greek Orthodox Church, was a spontaneous movement by all members of the Greek Orthodox Faithful in the Kingston area. Unfortunately, this is not the case, for over a period of 20 to 30 years the possibility of starting a Parish in Kingston area was discussed. At all times it was felt that the size of the Parish would be too small to warrant its existence. Consequently, for years the Greeks Orthodox Christians in this area traveled to Newburgh and Poughkeepsie for Services. Some of our original Greek Orthodox settlers of Kingston helped to form the Parishes in Poughkeepsie and Newburgh. 

In the summer of 1959 a conference between Mrs. Jennie Chafouleas and Mr. Stephen Larios re-examined the possibility of creating a Parish in Kingston. Mrs. Chafouleas called a meeting at her home in September 1959 of 10 or 12 interested persons. At this meeting it was decided to form a committee to investigate the number of potential parishioners and the problems that could be involved in the formation of a Parish.

This work was carried on by a few individuals and culminated in a series of general meetings, resulting in a non-profit religious corporation, formed March 29, 1960. Chris J. Larios, who was chairman of the original committee, was elected President of the Board of Trustees and the following were the trustees: George Kakoullis, Vice President; George Georgallis, Secretary; Sarantos Matthews, Treasurer; George Maouris, Charles Athans, John Trataros, James Evangelou, George Kotzias, William Frangis, Peter Kouvarides and Michael Philip.  

This step was followed by the long drawn-out procedure of obtaining an Ecclesiastical Charter from the Archdiocese and the formation of a building program. Our parish president, sensing a need for help in obtaining our Ecclesiastical Charter, wrote to our Ecumenical Patriarch, Athenegoras I, in May of 1960. In two weeks, he was blessed with a beautiful letter from His All Holiness Blessing our activities in creating our Parish. The original census revealed the interest of over 140 adults and 73 children. While these steps were in progress Church Services were held at the Episcopal Church with Reverand Athanasios Chamberas of Poukeepsie celebrating the Liturgy on Saturdays. Easter Services were held by obtaining the services of a priest from the Archdiocese. After long negotiations with the Archdiocese, the Reverand Nicholas Katsoulis was assigned as our first Parish Priest.

Through the efforts of the Hellenic Women's Club and the Kingston Community sufficient funds were raised for the construction of our Church. Ground Breaking Ceremonies for the present Church structure were held on Palm Sunday, 1964, and the Church held it's first Divine Liturgy in the new structure on Christmas Day, 1964. Since then, the relatively bare structure has been filled with many of the Holy Articles and Ecclesiastical Embellishments, bringing the Church structure to near completion. Our Church was consecrated by Bishop Silas on April 24, 1966.

Again through the efforts of our Hellenic Women's Club, a Parish House was purchased in 1983.

It has been a long, difficult road which many felt could never be traveled, but the Community as a whole is now reaping their Spiritual Reward.

Glory Be To God!