From the Office of Father Michael

 Saint Sampson the Hospitable of Constantinople

Commemorated June 27

Through your patience, your unceasing prayer, your love for the poor and the help you gave to them, you became worthy of your reward, O Holy Sampson. Intercede with Christ God that He may save our souls.

Troparion Chanted In Tone 8

We honor your relics, for you are an excellent physician and powerful intercessor; as we gather to praise you with psalms and hymns, divinely wise and venerable Sampson, we glorify Christ, who granted you the grace of healing.

Kontakion Chanted In Tone 8

Beloved In Christ,

Saint Sampson the Hospitable was the son of a wealthy and renowned Roman family. In his youth he received an excellent education, he studied medicine and cared for his patients without charging them anything. After the death of his parents Saint Sampson distributed his wealth to the poor and set his slaves free, preparing for a life of solitude.

With this in mind he traveled to the East to find a place of solace in solitude. But the Lord God directed his path to that of service instead of solitude and so Saint Sampson was guided to Constantinople. There the Saint found a small house and began to take in homeless, wanderers, the poor and the sick, caring for them all with out any compensation. The Lord was well pleased with the labors of the Saint and bestowed upon him the power of wonderworking. Sampson healed the sick by the Grace of God and through the medical skills taught to him. News of Saint Sampson spread through out the Empire; the Patriarch heard of his noble qualities and ordained him to the Holy Priesthood.

When Emperor Justinian became ill the Royal Court called upon the services of Saint Sampson. The Saint laid his hands on the afflicted area, and the Emperor was healed. In gratitude to the Saint, the Emperor wanted to give Sampson a payment of silver and gold, but the Saint refused and asked the Emperor to build a home for the poor and the sick. The Emperor willingly did so.

Saint Sampson devotedly served his neighbors the rest of his life. He lived many years and rested peacefully in the Lord after a brief illness. The Saint’s body was buried at the Church of the Holy Martyr Mocius the Healer; many healings miracles were performed at his grave. His hospice home remained open, and the Saint did not cease caring for the suffering children of God. He appeared twice to an inattentive caregiver of the hospice home and chastised him for his laziness. At the request of a devoted follower of Saint Sampson the hospice was transformed into a church, and next to it a new structure was built for the homeless. During a powerful fire, which threated all of Constantinople, the hospice of Saint Sampson was not touched.

Through his intercession we ask for his Blessing.

In His Love,

Father Michael